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1De Rouvilleweg 3 t/m 23 “Koraal Agostini”

De Rouvilleweg 3 t/m 23 “Koraal Agostini”

History On 25 January 1737 the West Indian Trading Company grants Dorothea Brugman a piece of land on the bank of the St. Anna Bay on which she has a dwelling house and annexes erected. In 1778 her daughter, miss Sijbrecht van Uijtrecht, widow of Wigboldus Rasveld, inherits the lot and the buildings. At a […]

2Ijzerstraat 10-12

Ijzerstraat 10-12

History The lot of IJzerstraat 10-12 has – formed part of a larger plot, which at the beginning of the 18th century belonged to James Smith (see Kura Hulanda.) After that the property has changed hands often. In 1886 a vacant part of the plot is sold to Augustin Bethencourt jr., who has the present […]

3Langestraat 2-8, IJzerstraat 29-33 “Bellevue-complex”

Langestraat 2-8, IJzerstraat 29-33 “Bellevue-complex”

History George Leon is the oldest known owner of the lot on which the cur-rent Bellevue complex is built. From 1844 to 1874 he owned the lot where he had a house built in 1856. In 1874 Leon sold the lot to the merchant Eugene Gazan, who ordered a new house built. Quite probably he […]

4Langestraat 36-46-48-50-58

Langestraat 36-46-48-50-58

History In 1854 Cathalina Isenia Helm, the wife of merchant Thomas Cornelis Haayen, buys the western part of a piece of land on which the couple has a house built in 1855 (Langestraat 52-54). In 1857 the big house (Langestraat 56-58) is built. The Haayen-Helm family lived in this house for years. As a merchant […]

5Langestraat 34

Langestraat 34

History Langestraat 34 is situated on a piece of and that in the 19th century used to be part of a larger plot with the old section number 53 (the first quarter of Otro-banda). The former ‘Kura di Shon Martinus Boom’, on which the Willem de Zwijger School was later built, was also part of […]

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