Walking tour


Come explore places and stories even locals do not know.

Seri’Otrobanda offers guided walking tours making connections between architecture, history and culture. Year round we welcome Curacao locals and visitors alike.
You may also take a self guided tour by printing the map featured on this site.

The Walking Tour is a new concept in a non-touristy part of Otrobanda.

This tour will lead the tourist through narrow alleyways, historic monuments and other places of interest in the Ser’i Otrobanda area. The participants will get a unique glimpse into the rich history of Ser’i Otrobanda!

Recent research has shown that the tourists who come to Curaçao are more and more interested in the rich history of Willemstad. Ser’i Otrobanda is therefore an outstanding example of a part of Willemstad that is still relatively undiscovered by tourists.

During the Walking Tour, the guide will give out all the saucy details about interesting people who have lived in the area. In the narrow streets with many local residents, the tourists will at the same time get a taste of the authentic Curaçao culture.

For information about requirements and responsibilities for tour guides, please contact us.